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Together, We Elevate Standards and Raise Profile

Paul Ashton, CEO Birkin and Chairman (Cleaning & Support Services Association (CSSA))
The CSSA's goals stretch far beyond growth in numbers. The association is deeply invested in stimulating impactful transformations and benchmarking standards in the cleaning industry. With an aim to create the ultimate support network, the CSSA is fostering an environment where each member feels heard, empowered, and driven to raise the collective industry profile. Its diverse offerings range from rich industry insights and thought-provoking guest sessions to dynamic Q&As and relevant online content. Plus, the CSSA's community always has an open invitation for collaborative networking opportunities.

Roadmap to Sustainability

James Lee (Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association Council member)

Representing manufacturers and distributors, the Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association’s (CHSA) priority is to maintain and enhance standards on quality, ethics and sustainability. James Lee is Chair of Cromwell Polythene, a business committed to environmental sustainability. A founding member of the CHSA’s sustainability committee, he is a pivotal to driving forward this initiative.

Sustainability is one of the biggest issues facing the cleaning and hygiene sector. Recognising this, the CHSA has published a report designed to help buyers, who want to do the right thing, differentiate sustainable solutions from greenwashing.

James Lee will present the findings of the report during the Cleaning Excellence Conference.

Compiling information from members, the report addresses three key questions:

  1. What are the major carbon-reduction initiatives / changes taking place in the industry?
  2. What types of initiative/approach should be specified in tenders?
  3. What should buyers be aware of / avoid and how do they identify greenwashing claims?

The research is part of the Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association’s (CHSA) Roadmap to Sustainability. Developed by the CHSA’s membership, the Roadmap provides organisations in the sector with a practical framework they can use to develop their own sustainability strategy

The Roadmap has five pillars:

  1. Product: the product as it is received and disposed of by the end user.
  2. Packaging: product packaging and packaging used in transit.
  3. Transportation: the complete supply chain.
  4. Social value and ethics: encompassing the whole organisation.
  5. Corporate environmental impact: emissions, waste and water.

Paving the way for a greener and more sustainable future

Nick Winstone (Biovate Hygienics)

Nick Winstone is an environmental entrepreneur who has dedicated the past 15 years to revolutionising the commercial sector with sustainable, biological cleaning products. With a profound belief in the power of collaboration and teamwork, Nick has successfully established himself as a leader in the industry by working closely with suppliers, distributors, and customers to achieve a common purpose.

Throughout his career, Nick has been driven by a strong commitment to protecting the planet and its inhabitants. His pioneering spirit and unwavering dedication have led him to develop innovative and sustainable cleaning solutions that have had a significant impact on the industry. By championing the use of biological alternatives, Nick has played a vital role in reducing the ecological footprint of businesses and promoting a more sustainable future.

Nick's passion for sustainability goes beyond simply creating effective cleaning products. He understands that true change can only be achieved through collaboration and cooperation. By fostering strong relationships with suppliers, distributors, and customers, Nick has created a network of like-minded individuals and organisations who share his vision. Together, they have worked tirelessly to drive the adoption of sustainable practices and products across various sectors, making a positive impact on both the environment and society as a whole.

With his forward-thinking mindset and passion for the planet, Nick continues to pave the way for a greener and more sustainable future.


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Training And Putting The Spotlight On Apprenticeships

Neil Spencer-Cook, Group Managing Director (British Institute of Cleaning Sciences)

Previously chief operating officer at BICSc, Neil Spencer-Cook, has worked at the Institute for several years, and was took the position of group managing director in July 2023.

He is passionate about moving forward with BICSc, ensuring that the organisation remains prominent within the industry and offers members good value and insightful information. This is being achieved by growing the offering of skills training for cleaning operatives and supervisors, and other soft services-specific courses and workshops.


The Chartered Practitioner's Register

Mike Jenkins, Clerk to the Worshipful Company of Environmental Cleaners (WCEC)

Mike Jenkins will be discussing promoting professionalism - paving a career, and acknowledging achievement in the cleaning industry with the Chartered Practitioner’s Register.

Professionalism in the cleaning industry has been an aspect that is much under acknowledged and appreciated. With the advent of the Chartered Practitioners Register, cleaning professionals can enjoy the same recognition as professionals in other sectors. The culture of professional recognition must start from within environmental cleaning, as we set the bar to which we are acknowledged by our UK industry peers.


Pests, and signs to look for in premises

Natalie Bungay, Technical & Compliance Manager (British Pest Control Association (Tech IOSH))
Natalie has years of pest control experience, including working as a Supervisor for Leeds City Council. She has been with BPCA since 2003, so lots of members know her very well. Natalie spends most of her time travelling throughout the UK supporting BCPA members. Somehow, she still manages to contribute to lots of PPC magazine articles, sit on various steering groups and committees, and assists with the management of the EN 16636 auditing for all servicing members. In this talk Natalie will examine the most common pests in premises, such as cockroaches, rodents and stored product insects.



Robotics and the future of professional cleaning machines

Daniel Cross UK Marketing Manager (Tennant UK)
The role of cleaning and support professionals has been elevated, and the impact of robotics cannot be ignored. Daniel examines what lies ahead in the cleaning and hygiene sector.

The cleaning industry is working harder, but could it be working smarter?

Duncan McLaren, Director of Sales, UK & Ireland (Taqt)

As the cleaning and FM industries continue to wrestle with resourcing and cost efficiencies while maintaining high standards of service, digitisation and IoT may be the smartest way forward to achieve goals from resource management to improved sustainability.

As the world becomes more digitised and sustainably conscious, smart solutions for the cleaning industry in our region have transformative potential in unique digital management systems like Taqt’s. Duncan explains what is achievable to enhance a cleaning business going forward, rather than what might be.


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Update from the British Cleaning Council

Delia Cannings, Chair (British Cleaning Council)

Educational opportunities exist and they have never been more vital as we see variant strains of COVID on the increase.

Reassurance of clean environments is now a key requirement for all as we strive to eradicate harmful contaminants and prepare for a resilient UK. Education is the key to success.

This presentation will provide an update on the All Party Parliamentary Group for the Cleaning and Hygiene Industry and investigate professional development options including the Cleaning and Hygiene Operative Apprenticeship which was spearheaded by the BCC.

It will also review funding options to support education and training and explore industry succession planning, equality, diversity, and inclusion.


Cleaning Excellence Awards Presentation


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