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Cleaning operative of the year

This category is designed to recognise an individual who made a significant contribution to the cleaning & hygiene standards within either their own or a client organisation.

They must also have made a significant contribution to the introduction and promotion of standards within cleaning & hygiene.

The Cleaning Operative of the Year award recognises an exceptional individual in the UK cleaning and hygiene sector who has demonstrated outstanding dedication, professionalism, and exemplary service as a cleaning operative. This category celebrates individuals who consistently go above and beyond in their role, delivering exceptional cleaning standards, and making a positive impact in their workplace and community.

Criteria for this category may include:

  1. Cleaning Excellence: Recognition of the individual's commitment to delivering exceptional cleaning standards. This includes attention to detail, thoroughness, and consistently exceeding cleanliness expectations.
  2. Reliability and Consistency: Assessment of the individual's reliability and consistency in performing their cleaning duties. This includes punctuality, adherence to schedules, and the ability to consistently meet deadlines.
  3. Initiative and Proactivity: Acknowledgment of the individual's ability to take initiative, demonstrate resourcefulness, and anticipate cleaning needs. This includes going the extra mile to ensure exceptional cleanliness, identifying areas for improvement, and taking proactive steps to address cleaning challenges.
  4. Teamwork and Collaboration: Evaluation of the individual's ability to work well within a team environment and collaborate effectively with colleagues. This includes promoting a positive and supportive work culture, assisting team members when needed, and fostering a sense of camaraderie.
  5. Health and Safety Compliance: Consideration of the individual's adherence to health and safety protocols, ensuring a safe working environment for themselves, colleagues, and occupants of the premises. This includes proper handling and use of cleaning products, adherence to relevant regulations, and proactive identification and reporting of potential hazards.
  6. Customer Satisfaction: Assessment of the individual's ability to meet and exceed customer expectations. This includes receiving positive feedback from clients, addressing customer concerns promptly and effectively, and demonstrating excellent customer service skills.
  7. Continuous Learning and Development: Recognition of the individual's commitment to ongoing learning and professional development within the cleaning and hygiene sector. This includes participation in training programmes, staying updated with industry best practices, and actively seeking opportunities to enhance their cleaning skills and knowledge.
  8. Positive Impact: Consideration of the individual's positive impact within their workplace and community. This may include initiatives that promote environmental sustainability, community involvement, or acts of kindness and support beyond their cleaning duties.

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